Agile Development


Do you need to rapidly develop software? Are you looking to deliver these projects on time and on budget? Our Strategic Staffing Solutions Agile Development Team will make your projects successful. Our team will help you reduce development costs and risk and improve quality, collaboration and predictability with a laser focus on speed and project excellence.

Agile Development CycleSince its introduction, agile development has revolutionized how projects get done. Our talented staffing solutions have brought this change to a variety of organizations, utilizing our cross-functional teams and working closely with the customer.

When we introduce agile to our customers and apply the high-quality talent only a company with S3’s depth and more than two decades of recruiting experience can provide, success is the outcome.

Here’s how we powered a solution for a publicly traded energy customer that wanted its complex, customer-facing web site redesigned in five months in order to improve its JD Powers customer satisfaction scores.

S3 worked with this large organization to move from waterfall development methodology to agile.

To accomplish this we:

  • Provided an experienced agile team to lead the effort
  • Worked side by side with our customer’s IT resources team for knowledge transfer
  • Educated the business stakeholders on their role in the new methodology
  • Led development sprints and delivered quick hits
  • Generated excitement early and gained momentum

S3 implemented the plan in three-week sprints, which was a new cultural experience for our customer.

S3 and the customer team were successful in increasing the JD Power scores and the engagement has been extended three times. In addition, our customer is looking to expand agile beyond the customer-facing website.

Put the best agile development methods, customized specifically for your needs, and one of the best teams available to work for you.