Application Maintenance and Support

Enterprise level applications are complex, but also the core of many business operations. These systems require targeted, knowledgeable resources that can work in real-time to make sure these critical functions keep working and are at maximum efficiency.

When it comes to application software maintenance, S3 has you covered. We’ll streamline the process, identify the points where resources are best utilized, transition the project seamlessly and then get it to a state where things are running efficiently and you’re saving money.

Our deep reserve of more than half a million resources and more than two decades of IT experience with Fortune 500 companies means we will find the right people in the right amount of time. Quick ramp-ups are possible when you have a pipeline of qualified talent and recruiters with experience.

That talent that works with us on the project will be the best talent for the needs of the customer. We’ll handle not only finding the technical staff required, but onboarding, all associated costs and making sure that human resources are taken care of, on time and on budget.

Of course, our work will be guaranteed with an SLA (service level agreement), and you’ll have an engagement manager and executive sponsor to make sure you have the absolute best service and results possible.

An S3 customer wanted to replace its legacy ERP system with a new application and needed to free up its existing employees who were supporting the legacy environment to work on the ERP initiative. To accomplish that S3:

• Completed an assessment and developed a plan to perform knowledge transfer to free up employees

• Provided a team of 45 consultants including a program manager, technical leads, architects, SMEs, developers and QA testers

• Maintained and enhanced the application once the knowledge transfer phase was complete

If you’re looking to streamline and improve how your enterprise applications are managed, get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.