Desktop Support Services

Technology is the heartbeat of any modern organization.

Managing that technology yourself can be immense, complex, confusing and costly. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Desktop support services provided by Strategic Staffing Solutions can lower costs by as much as 50%, increase uptime and make your organization’s technology run much more smoothly.

After all, with more than 20 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, S3 has the experience and know-how to provide not just any solution but the right solution for your business.

Here are some examples. We provide desktop support services for a biochemical/agricultural customer’s 10,000 end users in North America.  We cut our customer’s desktop support costs by 50% while improving customer satisfaction and time to resolve significantly.

We also led the refresh of 5,000 desktops and servers for a banking customer across 400 sites.

Although every single customer has a unique situation, let’s talk about some of our most asked for services and how they will benefit you.

Hardware Selection and Receiving: You can’t do the job without the right hardware. Overbuy and you’re wasting money. Purchase equipment that is below your needs means wasted money as well in the time and effort your employees spend waiting for things to happen. S3’s experience means getting the right technology in the right form at the right time.

Imaging and Deployment: It’s great to have new hardware, but what’s next? Software, settings and equipment all need to be quickly and effectively set up throughout the organization. A partnership with S3 means you don’t have to worry about this headache. We make your requirements happen.

Break/Fix and Inventory/Asset Management: What technology do you have? What’s still useful? What about when things inevitably wear out? Many companies don’t have solid answers for these questions. S3 is the company with the customized plan and on-demand resources to quickly get your team back in the game.

Operating System Migration: Change can be intimidating for people, but the S3 team’s friendly, approachable and education-focused style results in your gear meeting current and future requirements and gives you the assurance any pertinent changes to mission-critical software or process are shared and the transition is smooth. As a result, you will have the most recent security measures and you will be able to take advantage of OS-level enhancements to boost your business through efficiency.

End User Support Services: Tens of thousands of end users around the globe rely on S3 desktop support services. Our cross-trained, flexible teams blend service desk, desk side and desktop resources. That let’s your people get back to work, which keeps you overhead costs contained.

Whether it’s finding the right hardware, imaging and deployment, break/fix and asset/inventory management, operating system migration and, of course, end-user support services to help make your employees’ lives easier, S3 provides first-class service and help when you need it most.