Quality Assurance and Testing

The reality is no software or system is perfect from the outset. You want to find any issues, bugs, or problems before your users do. That’s why quality assurance (QA) and testing is so important. Strategic Staffing Solutions is the best partner to make sure your efforts put into development are top-notch. We provide both staff augmentation and managed service options.

We’ve been providing dedicated teams of QA testers for years. Through rigorous testing, you can discover and improve development projects quickly and efficiently. Costs are controlled because they are provided on a fixed fee, service level agreement (SLA) manner as opposed to a straight staff augmentation solution.

How has S3 QA made a difference? Let’s look at an example of a major health company.

We have provided a dedicated team of more than 40 QA resources to this customer on an ongoing basis as part of our total MSP (Managed Service Provider) solution for several years out of Detroit Development Center (DDC). S3 delivers these services on a fixed-cost basis and provides comprehensive system integration and regression testing, making sure our customer’s internal development projects are delivered with high quality.

Need to get to work fast? That’s where our team that’s experienced in rapid recruiting for the resources needed comes into play. We provided a major utility with 60 QA resources in four months.

Strategic Staffing Solutions is committed to meeting and exceeding your quality assurance and testing needs and SLA’s and we have a track record of doing it.

S3 has never missed a contractual SLA with any customer agreement throughout our history. Every month, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report is run with analysis by the S3 Executive Team. When trends or soft performances are identified, KPI reports are run on individual team members so training and coaching can be immediately addressed. Trends and challenges are brought to the customers’ attention when necessary.  Our proactive, collaborative approach is key to successful SLA delivery.

So get in touch with the S3 team today and take your quality assurance efforts to the next level.