Detroit Development Center

IT staffing in Detroit

The Detroit Development Center (DDC) is S3’s hub for managed services software business process outsourcing, ERP integration, web and application development and maintenance services. The DDC also houses S3’s call center, which offers help desk and customer contact, testing, software development and desktop support.

The DDC opened in spring 2010 to serve its first anchor customer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, which made the strategic decision to honor its commitment to core cities and keep jobs in Detroit instead of outsourcing services to an offshore location. The center started with 57 IT specialists. Today it has expanded to more than 400 professionals serving three customers.

The DDC occupies the 25th and 26th floors in the Penobscot Building in Detroit to accommodate increased business with current customers and new demand by customers nationally.

The DDC is overseen by Jeff Nelson.