David Fox Strategic Staffing SolutionsThe Minneapolis Branch is headed by David Fox. He is a senior member of the S3 headquarters team and, next to Cindy Pasky, is the company’s longest serving employee. His past S3 assignments include sales and staff management in the Detroit marketplace, design and implementation of the Detroit Development Center, facilities manager, legal team management, leader for call center services activities, lead for the RFP response team, production reporting automation, cash management, and branch support.

Here are some key facts about Minneapolis:

From Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership and others:

  • The region is also a magnet for new grads, so there will always be a supply of hard-working, educated workers to fuel the region’s businesses. In fact, we have the highest workforce participation rate in the country and a growing populationof more than 3.2 million people from many different backgrounds that live in the Greater MSP region, making it a diverse, vibrant community. With access to ports, interstate highways and one of the country’s most efficient airports, businesses in the Greater MSP region have all the outlets they need to send their innovative goods and services to the world.
  • Greater MSP boasts a large and closely networked BioBusiness community with over 600 companies and the 2nd highest concentration of medical jobs. Of the 15 major life science cluster markets in the US, we have the second lowest operating costs.
  • The employment in medical technologies grew 36% over the past five years while the average in the rest of the country grew by only 1%. More importantly, when we look to our future with over 18% of current graduates obtaining a degree in science, engineering, technology and mathematics that number will continue to grow.
  • The Greater Minneapolis is also home to two of the world’s leading institutions in life science and technology research. The University of Minnesota (ranked 9th as a public research institution in the world) and the Mayo (ranked 3rd as an overall hospital) forming one of the most powerful partnerships in the industry making the Greater MSP region a world leader in biotechnology and biomedical research. With over 2,533 registered patents in 2010, Greater MSP is a leader in research and development and is positioned to remain a leader well into the 21st century.
  • Greater MSP was recently ranked as the sixth most inventive city worldwide, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Its innovation and technology industry is comprised of four key sectors: Research & development centers, software & IT, advanced manufacturing and energy & renewables.
  • Minneapolis has more golfers per capita than any other city in the US.
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the largest urban sculpture garden in the country.
  • The Mall of America is the size of 78 football fields.
  • The land of 10,000 lakes could easily be called the land of 100,000 patents. Innovations from breakthrough companies like Medtronic, 3M and Cargill as well as our leading academic institutions including a top 10 research university in the world-make the MSP region a rich market for great ideas.
  • The University of Minnesota and Mayo spend nearly $1 billion on research annually, which makes Minnesota one of the leading states in sponsored research. Combined with more than $ 1 billion in research done by private sector companies, it’s easy to see why the region is a leader in innovation and the leading state for medical technology research and development. Minnesota also offers a variety of resources to help your business thrive including a research and development tax credit.
  • Recently it was rated as one of the top locations for key IT talent by KLG advisors. More than 87,000 people are employed in Minnesota’s computer and information technology systems industry. An incredible 8.5% of all jobs in the state are in science and technology with the majority in IT and computer related disciplines, making the concentration of applications and software engineers 72% higher than the national average.
  • Minneapolis is home to the oldest continuously running theater (Old Log Theater) and the largest dinner theater (Chanhassan Dinner Theater) in the country.
  • Minneapolis has more golfers per capita than any other city in the country.
  • The Metrodome is the only facility in the country to host a Super Bowl, a World Series and a NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship.
  • The first bone marrow transplant and open heart surgery in the United States were done at the University of Minnesota.