Team West Coast

Alena Pierce Staffing ITLos Angeles, San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR make up Team West Coast. Headed by Alena Pierce, whose main goal is to understand your business objectives, technical environment and company culture in order to provide you with a well-screened, highly skilled staff who make it possible to meet initiatives and deliverables within established timelines.

Here are some key facts about Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles is the third largest metropolitan economy in the world, with a population of 13 million and a GDP of over $700 billion.
  • L.A. County has a larger GDP than the countries of Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Norway and Taiwan.
  • $236 billion worth of goods pass through L.A, the largest seaport in the Western Hemisphere.
  • L.A. is the world leader in aerospace, clean technology, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, and tourism.
  • L.A. County is the largest manufacturing centers in the U.S.
  • International trade is the largest industry in Los Angeles by employment. Nearly 300,000 jobs are directly sustained by the movement of goods in and out of the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port- the largest port complex in the Us and the Los Angeles International Airport- the world’s sixth busiest airport.
  • Los Angeles is home to some of the finest research institutions/ facilities and teaching hospitals in the nation.Staffing IT Los Angeles
  • The creative industries in Los Angeles are major player in the regional economy, generating nearly 1 million jobs and over $100 billion in sales revenue.
  • Los Angeles is committed to becoming the greenest big city in the nation and a global capital of clean technology. Through leading environmental initiatives, we are cleaning up the air and water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a green economy in L.A.

Source: Los Angeles Works

Here are some key facts about San Francisco

  • IT Staffing in San FranciscoThe San Francisco region produces more patents than anywhere else in the U.S. and attracts 36% of the nation’s total venture capital investments.
  • San Francisco is home to more than 6,706 IT firms, including most of the leading industry players.
  • The San Francisco boasts the largest aggregation of research universities and federal research institutions in the nation, with the area’s colleges and universities producing more Ph.D. scientists and engineers than any other metropolitan area in the U.S. The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Berkeley and Stanford University, among others, are key drivers of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.
  • The San Francisco Bay Area’s IT industry expertise and vibrant tradition of creative arts have positioned the City as a hub for digital entertainment companies.  More than 300 digital media companies operate in the area.
  • San Francisco State University is also considered one of America’s university leaders in the area of digital media.
  • San Francisco is the birthplace of the contemporary biotech industry.
  • The Bay Area hosts one of the world’s top-tier life sciences clusters, including five major research universities-Stanford, University of California, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz and UC San Francisco as well as major private and public research centers.
  • A dynamic exchange of personnel and ideas between research and industry has led to University of California scientists founding one in three biotechnology companies in California, including five of the world’s 10 largest companies. The Bay Area houses 1,377 life science companies, directly employing more than 90,000 people. Direct and indirect employment together amounts to 250,000.
  • The San Francisco/Silicon Valley Area boasts the largest concentration of clean technology investors in the U.S. with abundant business opportunities for clean technology/service companies targeting the West Coast and Asia.
  • San Francisco boasts a vibrant professional services industry—the pivotal sector supporting the Bay Area’s booming IT, life sciences and clean tech industries. The area is home to twice the national average concentration of high value-added service companies, employing more than 653,500 professionals.
  • Crucial to the daily operations of the region’s booming innovation industries, securities and investment and legal services firms represent the largest cluster in San Francisco’s professional workforce. Securities and investment firms in particular have high employment concentration, as do commercial banks—national leaders Wells Fargo and Bank of America among them. The city is also home to the Federal Reserve Bank and the Pacific Stock Exchange.
  • San Francisco serves as an international center for trade and sits among the global focal points of the rapidly developing international economies in IT, digital media, clean tech and life sciences.
  • It is the seventh largest exporting region in the U.S. As the financial services epicenter of the West Coast, the city features 30 of the largest non-American banking institutions in the country.

Source: San Francisco Center for Economic Development