Team Music

Atlanta at Night

Team Music consists of our Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN branches.We have been serving major customers out of our Atlanta branch since 2000. The Atlanta branch sponsors many charities including the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House, The Alliance for Freedom, Restoration and Justice and volunteer with The Special Olympics of Georgia.

Here are some key facts about Atlanta:

  • Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation and an increasingly popular destination for college-educated young adults. In addition, a growing number of empty-nesters are moving closer to the city’s core to be near arts, culture, dining, and shopping. With a population of approximately 444,000, the city makes up about 10 percent of the 10-county region’s population.
  • Atlanta is known as the “IT hub of the Southeast.”
  • The Health IT industry in Georgia already leads the nation with more than 200 companies and more than $4 billion in annual reported revenue and 15,000 employees. The bioscience industry is also firmly rooted in the state, with more than 100,000 jobs and an annual economic impact of $23 billion.
  • Atlanta is one of the fastest growing high-tech urban centers in the nation. Powered by the strength of more than 13,000 technology companies, the city is established for its strengths in telecom, Internet security, digital media and a thriving mobility ecosystem.
  • The Metro Atlanta Chamber released a workforce trends report showing online job postings in supply chain and logistics, technology and bioscience growing 4.5 times faster in Atlanta than postings nationally. The report reveals where jobs are available and the key industries experiencing growth in Atlanta.
  • Atlanta is becoming a digital media super-hub with almost twice as many digital media job postings per capita than the rest of the nation. In addition, an increase in mobility and health IT positions shows Atlanta’s talent demand.
  • The metro Atlanta region is home to more than 5.3 million people and nearly 150,000 businesses, a world-class airport, multiple parks and green space, competitive schools and numerous amenities for entertainment, sports and restaurants that all offer a top-tier quality of life.