Mantas Paskevicius
Meet Mantas Paskevicius: Vice President, International Operations
December 12, 2018

Meet David Fox: Vice President & Corporate Secretary

Corporate conjurer, culture builder, pipe organist



David Fox, indubitably, wears more than a few hats.

As a vice president at S3, he runs sales operations for six U.S. branches, from Portland and Denver, in the west, to Charlotte, in the east. He keeps a suitcase packed and ready, adapts with resilience to four time zones, and amasses energy from his passion for people and projects.

He’s also executive point for S3’s largest banking customer. In that capacity, David thrives on listening to customer challenges and goals and creating specialized solutions to address them. With a belief that a group is always stronger than an individual, he takes a team-centered approach to leadership. He also believes that failure can be positive and yield invaluable lessons.

In another role, as corporate secretary, David handles shareholder relations and corporate governance at the highest level. He is also S3’s pricing guru, so when a Request for Proposal surfaces, David is called on for pricing expertise – and for overall institutional knowledge.

That knowledge comes from being S3’s longest serving employee, aside from S3’s founder and CEO. David accepts that recognition proudly, more committed now than he was in 1990 when he was already “in” 110 percent. As one of five cardinal employees, his expectation of success 25 years ago was for S3 to be a significant player in the Detroit market. Since then, he’s witnessed the company’s maturation to a global industry leader. One of David’s most understated, yet profound, roles has been helping to preserve the close, family-like culture of S3, despite phenomenal growth in size.

When David isn’t crisscrossing the country, he enjoys art fairs, theater performances and concerts. He sits on the board of trustees for Pewabic Pottery, a historic Detroit nonprofit ceramic studio and school.

Born and raised in Detroit, David loves the water and enjoys boating on Lake St. Clair and other inland Michigan lakes.

Classically trained in music, David plays the pipe organ every Sunday and directs both a vocal choir and handbell choir. He believes that musical skills – such as analytical ability and recognizing patterns – are transferable to problem resolution in the business world.

David and his wife share a deep compassion for helping those less fortunate. They support many southeast Michigan organizations that provide basic needs, including Forgotten Harvest, Gleaners Community Food Bank, Salvation Army and Detroit Rescue Mission.