S3 Philosophy: Hire Character. Train Skill.

How S3 Achieved its Stellar Military Hiring Program

From a Concept...
Back in 2012 Col. Ken Huxley, vice president for talent acquisition and chief of staff, and Cindy Pasky, S3 founder and CEO, (a veteran and veteran spouse respectively), were discussing ways to recruit additional veterans into the company. They decided to create a dedicated sourcing team, primarily staffed by veterans.

S3's Military Sourcing team searches for candidates based on their skills, matching them to employers. They serve as a force multiplier for S3's recruiting team.

It's a promising career entry-level career opportunity for veterans because experience in the staffing and technology industries matters less than being motivated, dedicated and highly trainable - all attributes most veterans already possess.

To a Commitment...
So, in the spring of 2013, S3 officially launched its pilot sourcing team with a cadre of veterans, including Greg Williams, David Flores and Bryan Barber. The pilot was a huge success.

With opportunities for learning and advancement, and support from the corporate offices, sourcing team members are highly satisfied with S3 and boast a retention rate of nearly 100 percent through the end of June 2018.

To Further Growth & Success...
Five years later, sourcers have become a crucial part of S3's success. The current sourcing team at S3 consists of 23 sources, 83 percent of whom are military veterans. They are located in 15 cities across the U.S. They are a diverse group of men and women who have served in all branches of the military; some are currently serving in the Air National Guard and Army Reserve.

S3 sourcers support 35 recruiters in 25 markets from Atlanta, Charlotte and Houston, to Philadelphia, Richmond, St. Louis and Detroit. They participate in an annual sourcing summit in San Antonio dedicated to team building, training, idea exchange, and celebration of the role veterans play in the company's success.

And Producing Unmatched Results...
A team is only as successful as its players, and S3's sourcing team has demonstrated great initiative and success in contributing to more than 6,000 total hires since 2013, of which more than 800 were military veterans or military spouses.

Our Pledge to Military Veterans