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December 12, 2018
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December 12, 2018

Meet Mantas Paskevicius: Vice President, International Operations

Our man in Lithuania, Shared Service Center guru



The excitement around Lithuania as an emerging market, staying ahead of customer needs and adapting to new practices: Those are some of the things that put a smile on Mantas’ face and a bounce in his step as he views each day as an opportunity to grow S3’s business in Lithuania.

As Manager of the Baltics and Nordic Region, Mantas provides account and team leadership that makes Strategic Staffing Solutions International (S3I) the No. 1 staff augmentation and project solutions company in the Baltic region. He and the S3I team are responsible for driving business throughout Europe: UK, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Balarus, to name a few.

Mantas is proud to be part of the S3 family for its strong ethics and the level of service it offers to its customers, as well as its role in shaping the new, independent Lithuania.

And he’s proud of what S3I has accomplished since opening in 1999, having placed 3,000 specialists with such S3 clients as Barclays Bank, Western Union, Intermedix and CSC.

Mantas joined S3 in 2006 and was immediately instrumental in helping S3’s global clients successfully establish shared service centers by providing market analysis, best practices, cultural integration, employer branding and workforce strategies.

Today, however, Mantas is looking further afield.

“We see the market as getting closer to maturity level,” he said, “closer to the European and American markets, where sophisticated services such as managed services and vendor management services can be implemented.”

Mantas travels to S3 headquarters in Detroit regularly but was well versed in American policy and culture well before joining the S3 family.

From 2003 to 2004, Mantas was involved in a leadership program through an organization, now known as Open World, which promoted Lithuanian-American relations.

“As Lithuania was coming into its own, we had a chance to experience US culture and democracy live,” he said. “I spent a year in the organizational structure to help the Lithuanian program be successful.”

He even received honorary citizenship in the state of Nebraska for his contribution to the development of political, economic and social relations among Lithuanians and Americans.

These days, when he’s not traveling for S3I, Mantas prefers to remain closer to home with his wife, Rita and their young daughter, Nora and newborn son, Marcus. The family enjoys visiting friends and family, and experiencing the great outdoors.